Step 1 of 3 : Select categories

Assessment categories


What is the difficulty level of the questions in the assessments?
There is a wide range in the difficulty level of the questions. Every candidate will have to answer relatively simple questions and relatively hard questions. This way the results of all the candidates can be compared with each other.
Which assessment categories should I select?
We advise to select all the available categories for a normal assessment process, because this will give you a full overview of the numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning level of all the candidates. When you interpret the results of the candidates, you can attach more value to one of the categories if this category is more relevant for the specific job.
How long does an assessment take?
In the test settings you can choose what type of assessment you want to present to the candidates. You can choose between: basic (30 minutes), standard (45 minutes) and extended (60 minutes). We advise to use the standard test for a normal assessment process, it will give significant results and does not ask too much time from the candidates. If you want to test a lot of candidates in an earlier moment in the hiring process, you can use one of the shorter tests. If you want a final check on a candidate you are almost ready to hire, you can choose the extended test.
How many questions are there in the assessments?
The assessment contains more questions than any candidate can reasonably answer within the given timeframe. The goal for the candidates is to answer as many questions correctly and answer as few questions as possible incorrectly, within the given timeframe.
How is the score of the candidates calculated?
The score of the candidates is calculated with: the number of correct answers, the number of incorrect answers, the difficulty level of the questions and the time that is used to finish the test. With this score the percentile score of the candidate is calculated, which indicates the level of the candidate compared to all other candidates who have completed an assessment on BRGHT. For example, a percentile score of 79% means that the candidate performed better than 79% of all candidates.